“It is namely the manner, in which we use the words “democracy” and “democratic management” which is the reason for the greatest misunderstandings. If the content of these words is not fully and precisely clarified and if consent is not stated with regard to the definitions, the lives of the people will pass under the sign of confused ideas and tyrants and demagogues will make use of that.”

                                                                                    Alexis de Toqueville


Today‘s word situation is completely different. The instability epidemic, conflicts and constraints, terrorism and ethno-religious crashes hold new century.

What is the world, on which we are living and in what kind of society we would like to live? We live in the world with a progressive economic differentiation between the countries and inside of them. The contemporary word lives under sign of global terrorism. This means, the world is separated in two parts, and each one of them sees the danger of it self exists and survival on the face of the other. This fact suppose new approach, different then this, with whom we have been accustomed during the last decades, for which formation play big role set of factors.

The humanity is faced with set of global questions, linked with the political systems and the model of government management in the different countries. The evidence for this is the crisis of the traditional democracies - monarchies or republics, and rising of the national-socialists parties in Europe. 

The configuration of the main world political and economical actors is already changing. The world order, imposing by the multinational companies, serves the interests of a small group of hyper rich world privilege elite, which define the development of economical and political processes.

The old geopolitical institutions, national countries and customs, markets, laws and borders, religious, ideologies and cultures interrupt the advance of the transnational capital. That‘s why it is desirable to be transformed. The goal is the formation of weak and disunited multiethnic countries, with a minimum of political and economical potential and limited sovereignty, establishment of the new world order and unique world management. 

The national country is transformed into the ordinary government security office of the mega companies, which do not have the necessity of direct management. The democracy is transformed into the system of under covered elite decision, and the 

Parliamentary is only one of the useful instruments for forcing the domination over the concrete national formation, competing with the kindness of the global elites. Patriotism does not take place in their value system.

Traditional democracy is in crisis. The reasons for this are raced in the essence of the political system deeply in its parties. The word “parties” usually is connected to corruption, personal accounts, political and economical interests. The Party specifies the domination for the elected over the electors, for the authorized and over, for the delegators and upper level people. The parties` leaders strive to immortalize their authority, covered under democratic elections. The parties bring under the sway of “the oligarchy iron law”, building inside of them antidemocratic self produced oligarchy structure even if their official structure is democratic.

 The parties in the Parliament are converting into hostages of the group of corporate interests. This is why it is absurd the democracy to be hold up in small group of deputies - parties‘ functionaries, striving to the authority solely for them favor.

 The elite took the responsibility of the executive function. It formalizes and plans the public interest. The usual citizen is a “spectator”, who does not participate in taking the decision, except for this, that sometimes it may elect one or another member of the elite.

We hope that the exit from the clearly drafted controversies in the existing propagandized and advertised democracy is the direct democracy.

The true democracy ought to be based on the organization structure, which permits to the citizens to participate into taking the decisions, formulating ideas and programs for the development of the society. Without those organizational structures the society leading stays privilege to the political elite. The opportunities for the usual person are quite limited, because he is excluded from the fundamentals decisions in the political, economical and social area. The exit from all of this is the direct democracy.

We want to form positions, to ask questions and to discuss debates. The goal of the Direct Democracy European Movement is to face the problems of the contemporary world and to provoke intellectual political and economical discussions.

The development of the political processes in Europe shows the necessity of the whole rationalization of the essence of nowadays political system. Probably this will be hard and prolonged process. Solely, the thing which could be said for sure is that in the nearest future the national identity and positive nationalism will become the vigor and permanent forces.

The Direct Democracy European Movement proposes one new vision for political solidarity, based of the direct democracy principles.

The Direct Democracy European Movement is not a political formation. Its ambitions are not linked with the participation political elections.

The Movement sends spirit messages to the people of different continents, makes dialog and works for understanding between all nations, for their public, economical and social prosperity.

One of the activity direction of the movement is discussion conducting for the ideas of peoples authority and their interpretations in Europe, quick-witted with the national specification of the different countries.

The Direct Democracy European Movement is working for the solution of conflicts in the modern world with peaceful means and not along the road of war; for the rejection of all kinds of aggression and interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries; for the elimination of the difference between the starving and over-satisfied societies; against racism and xenophobia, terrorism and all kinds of extremism. 

We are working on a new kind of Project of implementation of the national and foreign political interests of Bulgaria - through equal integration in the European Union, along with the development on a mutually advantageous basis of the connections with the Arabic and African countries, Iran, India, China, Vietnam, the Korean People’s Democratic Republic, the traditional partners from Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus, Latin America and all countries, which treat Bulgaria with respect and wish prosperity both to their citizens and to Bulgarian people.

Bulgaria today has the historical chance to turn not into a field of magnificence of the various civilizations, but into a bridge between the West and the East with their economic possibilities and cultural traditions. In out opinion there are no insurmountable contradictions between the EU and Russia, the Arabic, Asian and Latin American countries. On the contrary, there is a number of reasons to expect approximation among them in the interest of their development and the gradual creation of a new geo-political and geo-economic space. The development of the processes in this direction would place Bulgaria in a central position with regard to the implementation of an exchange not solely of points of view and ideas but of people, goods and capitals as well.                                        

At the same time the Direct Democracy European Movement announces itself against the ideology and practice of the military and political globalism, which dooms small countries to perform the role of satellites and means in the hands of the global and regional policy of the “superpowers”.


The Direct Democracy European Movement in Bulgaria works jointly with similar positions in the Arabic, African, Asian, Latin American and other European countries. It seeks for followers among the various political formations and non- party committed structures, intellectuals, spiritual leaders, women’s and youth organizations.     

An International Center will be created with the Direct Democracy European Movement, which will emit spiritual impulses to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The Center will work in the sphere of inter-civilization interactions and will search for points of contact between the various religions. We do not accept the thesis that the future conflicts in the world will be based on culture and religious differentiation.

The conflict between the cultures in its meaning is the conflict of different interests, philosophy and value system.

It‘s evident that different civilization have different priorities, regarding citizens and countries, the rights and obligations, responsibilities and freedom. This price is different in different countries, but it could be transformed in the spirit of understanding and tolerance.

The religious conviction could be one of the serious obstacle for understanding for the other cultures. This why it is important to ne find up a deep understanding of the controversial fundamental religious and ways for their interaction

Long a side It has been spoken about the necessity of reconciliation and resignation. it is understandable, that this process is quite complicated. The religions could find their common in this, that the tree main religious honored Abraham as their grandparent. Abraham means Father of the nations. He is not Judean, not a Christian, not a Muslim; he is just a person, devoted to God.

In the pass and in nowadays the main conflict sources are not religious and cultured, but economical. The source of the crisis in the end of ХХ and the beginning of ХХI century for example is the broken harmony between the way and capability of the person to create those material and spirit welfares on the reasonable, fair and creative way to   distribute and use them in the world measure  and in their countries.

Two universal civilizations are faced in the contemporary world - viciously, unjust from one side, and humanistic, just, constructive from the other. We think that main hit in our days is between those both civilizations. In front of us appear two world of the same planet - one quick and one slow, which turn up in the controversial directions. One of them tries to cope with the hunger, the other covered North America and parts of Europe and Asia, the cyberspace is coming. The precipice is not only in the fortune and technologies, but and in the way of thinking. This is the big problem for the human future.

Rendering an account of the fact that at the beginning of the 21st century the realization of mutual advantageous economic relations is of great significance for the interpersonal relationships of people from various nations, the International Center will work for the development and rendering assistance to the implementation of Projects in the field of the real economy, on the basis of the common interests of specific countries from Africa, Asia, Latin America and companies from the Republic of Bulgaria as well as it will cooperate for the implementation of investment Projects of countries from these regions with companies from other countries in Europe;

The International Center will work in close cooperation with the different ethnical  communities in Bulgaria and will cooperate for their incorporation in the Bulgarian society for a better presence in the public area. Their face in the Bulgarian media at the moment is partial and basically in negative direction. The Center will oppose to all forms of discrimination on religious and ethnic grounds.

The International Center will attract figures of repute from the field of the Bulgarian culture, journalists, and political scientists, compassionate with the idea of a dialogue between civilizations. The Center will emit spiritual messages for understanding and cooperation, for dialogue based on universal values and mutual enrichment of cultures in the modern world.

The future is open and unpredictable. It contains a lot of menaces but also many possibilities, full of hopes.

Because the future of humanity is related to the dialogue and the cooperation amongst the various civilizations.

Because what unites us is much more than what separates us.

This is the road for the building up of a better and honorable world, which real Peace, Freedom and Understanding amongst nations will rule.

The outcome depends on each of us.