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“Should we examine not the definitions most people (incl. dictionary editors) give to the term “democracy” but the ways they use it speaking of our times we will discover that “the democracy” has nothing to do with self-government.”


 James Bournham


Mankind is once again facing the question what kind of a world we’re living in. Is it possible to build a better and more just world order? Wouldn’t our future be marked by new wars, national hostilities, and ethnical conflicts? Would the superfluously rich world elite continue to direct the world’s political and economic processes?

Every epoch-making change is related to an epoch-making crisis in the traditional political ruling systems and models. The crisis the traditional democracy has fallen into turns the citizens into mere “spectators” not taking part in making decisions crucial for society. The parties have become symbol of corruption, personal favors, devaluation of values, lack of patriotism.

This new situation poses the need of forming new theories of democracy. If democracy is “ruling through discussion” then discussions lead to its true identity. Today we need to reconsider our ideas about what democracy should be, could be, and shouldn’t be. The true democracy could not be a privilege to the chosen few calling themselves “elite”. It should unite citizens and make them take active part in making all important decisions for the development of our society. Democracy exists when the relationship between the rulers and the ruled is subjected to the basic prerequisite, i.e. the state serving the citizens not the citizens to the state, the ruling existing thanks to the citizens and not vice versa.

On June 6, 2002 in Sofia, 190 people guided by this idea - members, friends and followers of the Liberal Democratic Party - formed the DIRECT DEMOCRACY EUROPEAN MOVEMENT. The founders united behind a NEW VISION FOR POLITICAL SOLIDARITY, BASED ON THE PRINCIPLES OF THE DIRECT DEMOCRACY.

General Coordinator of the Movement was elected Mr. Veselin Koshev.

Youth and Women organization was also founded.

Official guests at the forum were high-standing diplomats from foreign diplomatic missions, politicians and distinguished public figures.

The Direct Democracy European Movement is registered by Decision no. 1, dd. 08.07.2003, Company File No. 7193/2003 of the Sofia City Court.

The Movement has representative offices in Germany, Great Britain, Russian Federation, Switzerland, France, Sweden and Libya.

The Direct Democracy European Movement is not a political formation. Since its foundation DDEM is acting at home and abroad.

Delegation of EMDD made visits to Austria, Libya, Russia, Slovakia and Hungary.

From 6th to 10th of September, 2008 the representative delegation of the EMDD leadership took part as co organizer in the international symposium on the questions of direct democracy and new global order, in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Five international and five national meetings have been organized in Sofia between 2003 and 2007.

These events were dedicated to the questions concerning the  direct democracy as an alternative of the  dominating political and ideological systems, the future of the political parties, the international tendencies and the  challenges of the new world order 

The values of the direct democracy in Europe, the role of the civil society in the political and the social life of Bulgaria will continue to be the main focus of the EMDD activity. 

The future belongs to those who turn a friendly face to the nations around the world. This is the way to build a more just and humane world.