Bulgarian construction and commercial consortium



The Bulgarian Construction and Commercial Consortium was founded in 2000 in order to accomplish  mutually beneficial projects in different areas of international economic relations with companies and concerns from various parts of the world. 
The Bulgarian Construction and Commercial Consortium has completed many developments within the country and abroad in the area of design, construction and complete furnishing and equipment of industrial, trade, public and housing buildings. 
In the field of foreign trade the companies in the Consortium together with other economic organizations have fulfilled export from Bulgaria of industrial goods and materials, import of raw materials, materials and goods as well as their re-export. 
The Bulgarian Construction and Commercial Consortium has the employee and resource potential to accomplish joint projects, joint companies, etc. 
Professionalism of the managing, analysis and executive officers, who are employed at the companies – members of the Consortium is a guarantee for high quality and reliability in joint projects. 
Punctuality and work efficiency are typical for them, as well as attractive price offers, formed on the basis of labour cost price in Bulgaria and the opportunities for delivery of materials and equipment straight from various manufacturers. 
Economic organizations in the Bulgarian Construction and Commercial Consortium carry out activity in the following major fields:
• design, execution and commission of construction projects - residential, administrative, industrial and infrastructural; 
• production and trade with foodstuffs: dairy and meat products, preserved vegetables and fruits, wines and high alcoholic drinks; 
• production and trade of arms, products and technologies with double use; 
• design and production of installations and equipment from non-corrosive steel for companies from food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry;
• production and trade of furniture and furnishing of home and office;
• production and trade of essential oils, including rose oil, with cosmetic products;
• production and trade of raw materials, stuffs and goods, including store clothes, knitted fabrics, shoes, home care chemistry segments, medical equipment, pharmaceutical medical stuffs, bio-products;
• travel, hotel and restaurant services, including medical tourism and recovery in Bulgarian SPA centers; 
• intersession when hiring a highly-qualified medical personnel for heath agencies, sport doctors, rehabilitators, kinesiotherapists,
• advertising and printed activity;
• consultations of foreigners for obtaining bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in Bulgaria, directing them for post-graduated courses in different spheres;
• assisting in implementation of investment projects in the industry, agriculture and other spheres of economy in the country and abroad; 
• consultations in the sphere if Bulgarian law and security 
Companies from the Consortium have ready projects, which they can offer for purchase or joint activity with potential investors.

General information about foreign investors 
• Area: 110,910 sq. km / 42,822 sq. miles 
• Population: (01.02.2011): 7 364 570 
3 586 571 - men (48,7%) / 3 777 999 - women (51,3%)*
• Higher education graduates: 22% of the population 
• National language: Bulgarian 
• Foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian 
• Form of state government: Parliamentary republic 
• Religion: 83% Orthodox Christians
• Currency: Bulgarian lev (BGN), fixed to the EURO at an exchange rate of 1.95583:1
• Member of: EU, NATO, WTO

Stable political environment:
• Membership in NATO since 2004
• Entrance in the EU since 2007

  • Membership in World Trade Organization (WTO) since 1996

  • Macroeconomic and financial stability:
    • GNP: 34 610 million BGN (the first half of 2011)*
    • Economy: sectors - 61,5% services, 32,3% industry and 6,2 agriculture
    • Actual growth rate of the Bulgarian domestic product (BDP) – 0,9% /2013/
  • Level of unemployment – 11,8% /2013/
  • Budget surplus -1,5% /2013/
  • Gross State Debt 18,9% /2013/
  • No currency risk, fixed rate of BGN to EUR
  • Budget surplus for the previous 5 years
    • Investment credit rating from the big rating agencies
    • Moodys – stable
  • S&P: BBB stable
  • Fitch: BBB stable

Most favorable taxes in the EU:
• 10% corporate tax; 0% in regions with high unemployment 
• 10% personal income tax 
• Released from VAT for a period of 2 years for import of equipment for investment projects for over 5 million EUR, which create at least 50 jobs 
• Amortization for a period of 2 years of computers and new production facilities 
• Opportunity for deduction of expenses for research and development activities 
• 5% tax at source on dividends and liquidation quotas (0% for EU companies) 
• Strategic geographical position as a bridge between Europe and Asia 

Labour market:
• Highly qualified, multi-language workforce 
• Competitive remuneration levels compared to Europe - average monthly salary of 636 BGN 
(for 2nd quarter of 2010)*
• 45,000 Bulgarian students study in Europe 
• Lowest operational expenses in Europe 
• Free flow of capital 
• Opportunity for repayment up to 1 year of the minimal monthly salary and social and health insurance installments for employment of young people and people with disabilities through the Employment Agency.
* The indicated information is according to official data from the 
National Statistical Institute 

1. Informational service and shortened administrative procedures 
2. Individual administrative servicing 
3. Opportunity for acquisition without tender of right of ownership and limited law of estate on real estate - private-state or private-municipal property 
4. Financial support for professional training of people for the needs of the investment project 
5. Financial support for construction of elements of the surrounding infrastructure to the borders of the investment project 
6. Support for priority investment projects when one or more of the following conditions are met:
• Size of the investment should be at least three times higher than the minimum amount for certification of Class A 
• Creates jobs in undeveloped regions or in high-tech areas 
• Includes construction of industrial areas or technolog parks 
Bulgaria is an attractive center for investments, because this is the cheapest location for investments in the European Union. The expenses for running a business are about 46% lower than the average EU level. Factors, which make it attractive for investment in the conditions of the world economic crisis are the low salary and tax levels. In terms of social security weight Bulgaria ranks fourth in the EU. Additional stabilizing conditions which make Bulgaria an attractive location for investments are the currency board and the fixed exchange rate of the BGN towards the EUR. Among the positive factors for attracting foreign investments are the macroeconomic stability and the strict fiscal discipline. European funds represent an additional option. 
This is due to the country’s accession to the European Union and the political stability in Bulgaria.
In case of stated investment interest and certain framework of the inquiry we offer the following services: research, offering due diligence in economic and technical aspect in cooperation with the most renowned specialist in the respective field, REAL economic history of the project, expert evaluation for future development with a detailed business plan. 
We offer an opportunity for full or partial management of the newly-acquired asset or independent control. 
We are prepared to work together and discuss ideas and projects with foreign investors. We are also open to any other offers and opportunities!