Visit to Gabrovo and Tryavna

On a visit to Gabrovo and Tryavna from 12.01. until January 14.01.2018 there were H.E. Mr. Shpend Kalaba Ambassador of Kosovo and Mr. Veselin Koshev. There were official meetings with Ms. Tanya Hristova – the Mayor of Gabrovo Municipality and Ms. Nikolina Nikolova, Deputy Mayor of Tryavna municipality. The talks went in a very friendly and constructive atmosphere. There were concrete ideas for expanding the trade contacts between our two friendly countries, establishing twin cities from Kosovo with Tryavna and Gabrovo, and in February a local business delegation, the BCCC leadership and our Association will make an official visit to Kosovo for meetings and talks on a highest state level.

We are sincerely grateful for the hospitality of the owners of the European textile factory “MAK”, Mr. Georgi and Dimitar Bijevi, to the beating heart of Gabrovo Municipality Ms. Desislava Koleva and the unique Balkan hospitality of our great friend and adherent Mr. Manol Manolov.